Sep. 17-Sep. 23: Waltz Week!

These delightful waltzes are composed by Chopin.  Waltzes feature a specific time signature.  Try to figure it out as you listen.  Here is a hint: listen to the left hand!  Continuing last week's theme, I've listed the grade level along with each piece.  The music you hear is attainable, so long as you continue working hard towards your goals!

1) F. Chopin, "Minute" Waltz Op. 64 no. 1 (RCM Level 9)


2) F. Chopin, Waltz in A minor Op. posth. (RCM Level 6)


  • What is the time signature of a waltz?
  • These videos both show clear visuals of the pianist's hands.  What are some challenges a pianist must overcome in order to perform a waltz?