Much like watching a sports game to see how players move and carry out a play, learning by observation is just one more way to gain a better understanding of an art, craft, or anything for that matter.  Active listening is essential – undivided attention allows the listener to hear how phrasing, articulation, and other musical devices come together in unity.  

Weekly Listening Activities

  • Short selection of pieces to listen to during the week (not only Classical)
  • A few questions for reflection and brief discussion in the following lesson

A vast variety of musical gems remain undiscovered simply because they are not played on mainstream media.  Our most loved pieces often come by recommendation.  This has aided my knowledge and growth in music tremendously.  It has also fueled my passion for music and instilled a newfound inspiration in my practice many times.

    Suggestions to integrate Active Listening into a busy schedule:

    • Directly before lesson (while waiting) to settle down
    • In the car on the way to school, sports, etc.
    • During a meal or snack time
    • While doing chores
    • Before or after practicing at the piano
    • Before or after a bedtime story/activity
    • Before playtime on a tablet/phone - listen first, then carry on with free time