February 12th: Truly Astounding Animals & A Tribute to Alberta

Compositions by my teacher, Peter Rudzik. Performances by his students.

1) P. Rudzik, Busy Woodpecker from Truly Astounding Animals

This piece is from a set of 12, exploring various characters and moods of different Truly Astounding Animals.  Other Truly Astounding Animals include: Thoughtful Rhino, Whale Song, Dancing Penguins, and more.

February 2016 Student Recital


  • What do you think makes this sound like a woodpecker?
  • Can you tell when the melody switches hands?  How do change the way you play the music when this happens?


2) P. Rudzik, New Day Toccata from Wild Rose Suite

A piece from the Wild Rose Suite: a musical tribute to the composer's adopted home, Alberta, Canada, whose official symbol is the wild rose.  Other pieces in this suite include: Hot Springs, Rocky Mountain Variations, Oil Sands, and more.


  • Can you make up a story that goes along with the music?  This might help you with the next question!
  • How would you describe the mood of this piece?  Try to use at least 3 different words.