February 26th: Sublime Schubert & Overzealous Orff

This week's listening activity will not feature any piano!

1) F. Schubert, Ave Maria, performed by world renowned violinist Joshua Bell.

Franz Schubert was an Austrian born Romantic era composer known for his beautiful songs called lieder. This song, Ave Maria, has been transcribed for many different instruments and even orchestra. This is a very beautiful rendition of the song.


  • What is something the violin is capable of that the piano is not?  Is there anything a string instrument can do that a piano can not?


2) Carl Orff - O Fortuna

A favourite among classical and non-classical music listeners - you may have heard this in movies, commercials or other advertisements before.  It is very intense!


  • What do you imagine when you listen to the piece?
  • Can you picture a story that goes along with the music as it changes?  Be sure to listen to the entire piece as there are changes throughout.

This listening activity is brought to you courtesy of Carlo Santos