May 7-May 13: The Music of Brahms

1) J. Brahms, Intermezzo Op. 118, no. 2

Johannes Brahms was a German composer in the Romantic era.  This piece is the second in a set of six which was dedicated to Clara Schumann, a musician and composer who he had a complicated relationship with.


  • How would you describe the mood/feelings in this piece?  Come up with at least 3 different words.

2) J. Brahms, Wiegenlied/Lullaby, Op. 49, no. 4

Many popular melodies we are familiar with have lived hundreds of years and are the creation of great composers.  This piece needs no introduction - it may have even been one of the first melodies you have ever heard!


  • How does this piece make you feel?  What is it in the music that creates these feelings?