Feb. 18-Feb. 24: Happy Chinese New Year!

Yellow River Piano Concerto - based on the Yellow River Cantata by Xian Xinghai

February 16th was the day of Chinese New Year, and this week we'll explore a piece whose background has firm roots in China's history. In 1939, during the Sino-Japanese War, came the composition of the original Yellow River Cantata. Years later, it was revitalized and arranged into a four movement piano concerto. It highlights the importance of the Yellow River, one of the longest rivers in Asia, as a symbol of strength during the time in which the Chinese were fighting the war against the Japanese. The segment you will hear below is the "Song of the Yellow River Boatmen" which emphasizes the turbulent waves of the river.


  • What elements of the music do you think make it sound like you are travelling down a violent river?