Oct. 15-Oct. 21: In The Mood

This week, we'll explore a new genre: jazz! Jazz music emerged right before the 1900s in New Orleans, USA. You'll notice it has a different feeling and style to it in comparison with classical music. Listen below to the swing dance hit "In the Mood" made famous by the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Glenn Miller, In The Mood


1) Jazz instruments differ somewhat from Classical instruments. What instruments do you see being played in this tune? Name at least 3. If you need help, try this site: http://www.jazzinamerica.org/LessonPlan/5/3/228

2) What kind of moods come to mind when you listen to this tune? 

3) Which dynamics do you hear throughout? (Remember, dynamics=volume)

This listening activity was provided by Alyssa Ung