March 19th: Looking Into The Future

I like to think of listening as looking into the future - the music we look up to and admire may be the notes we play in a few short years.  Here are a few favourites walking through the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) levels.

There is wonderful music to be learned in every style at every level.  Reaching a high level of skill is a combination of hard work and lots of time but there is beautiful music on each stepping stone to improvement.

1) Melody Bober, Sneaky Sam (RCM Prep B)

  • What do you think makes Sam sound sneaky in this piece?


2) Y. Nakada, The Song of Twilight (RCM Level 3)

  • Imagine drawing a picture to this piece of music.  What scene would it be?  What are some colours you would use?


3) L. Beethoven, Fur Elise (RCM Level 7)

  • The main theme is a popular melody you may have heard before but the middle section is not as well known.  Have you ever heard the middle sections of this piece before?
  • Do you like the other sections?  How do you think it adds to the piece?