May 28-June 3: Little Red Riding Hood and Bach

1) J.S. Bach, Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude

This piece has a monophonic texture which is unlike any of the pieces we have heard this year.  There is only a single line throughout the entire piece with no accompanying chords!  However, different layers can still be heard - a result of compositional genius, brought to life by an insightful performer.  Bach did not only achieve this once - he wrote six Cello Suites, each consisting of 6 movements.  This is only the first movement of the first suite!

2) S. Rachmaninoff, Etude Tableaux, Op. 39 No. 6 "Little Red Riding Hood"

Rachmaninoff wrote 2 sets of Etude Tableaux (picture study)which was music inspired by visuals. However, he did not reveal what exactly inspired each one.  Rachmaninoff believed the listener should paint their own images of what the music suggests and said, "I do not believe in the artist that discloses too much of his images."


  • What image does each piece of music paint in your head?