April 16th: Encores

The dazzling Flight of the Bumblebee has been a favourite of the year.  Here are 2 more encores played by Yuja Wang.

1) W.A. Mozart, Turkish March (Piano Sonata no. 11, K. 311)

You may have heard this famous Mozart melody from one of his piano sonatas.  The first video is the theme played by violin.  The second video is a virtuosic arrangement where you can hear bits of jazz, twinkling trills like those in La Campanella, and of course alternating hands like in Flight of the Bumblebee.


  • Which part of the encore did you like the most?


2) Gluck, Melodie from Orfeo ed Euridice

This piece pairs beautifully with the previous one to emphasize that music does not need to be loud and fast to be captivating.  A simple, poetic piece played well can be the most hypnotic of all.  As a performer and a student, it is important to explore this wide range - there is lots to learn in every type of music!  Enjoy the magical moments of this melody from a Gluck opera.  Also included is a performance on the cello!

Music starts at 40 seconds


  • Each instrument (violin, piano, cello) has a different tone colour.  Did you have a favourite in this week's activity?  What was it about the instrument that made you enjoy the music more?


  • We have heard a huge variety of music in listening activities, rehearsals, recitals etc.  Do you have any favourite pieces you have heard or played?   What makes it stand out in your head?