September 16th-22nd: Wonderful Waltz Week

Erik Satie, Je te veux

A new composer to ring in the new piano year - Erik Satie is a composer we have not yet explored in the past 2 years of listening activities! If 1 a week isn’t enough, listening activities from previous years are accessible through the student page.

Satie is a French composer and pianist who lived from 1866 to 1925. You may know him from the Gymnopedies, his most famous compositions. This week, we explore a delightful waltz with a light and bright mood. This is interesting coming from Satie - a contrast from his usual melancholy melodies. For your enjoyment, I’ve included a piano version of this piece and an orchestral version.

Please listen to the following recordings and be prepared to answer the questions at the following lesson.

It is essential to listen to the pieces with undivided attention and not as background music. Focused listening and observing details of the music will allow greater enjoyment and appreciation.


  1. Which recording did you prefer (the piano or full orchestra) and why?

  2. What is the time signature of this piece?

  3. Describe the mood or feeling of this piece.