Apr. 15-Apr. 21: A 20th Century Giant

S. Prokofiev, A Diabolic Suggestion

This week, we visit a famous post-romantic Soviet composer: Sergei Prokofiev. Prokofiev composed a large variety of genres such as concerti, ballets, symphonies, operas and solo piano music. He was an artist whose work had taken him not only around the Soviet Union, but to many Western European centres, Japan and the United States. The following piece was written in his teenage years.

I've included 2 videos for your enjoyment, one by Andre Laplante, which includes some interesting visual effects, as well as a live recording by Evgeny Kissin.


  • The word "diabolical" refers to something evil and devilish. Why do you think the piece is entitled Diabolical Suggestion?
  • Which recording did you like more and why?  What are some differences you noticed?
  • Bonus: What kind of scale is heard throughout the piece? (Hint: It is not a full scale, but fragments of a scale.)